Meet the Judges

Meet the Judges who will be bringing their industry knowledge and category specific skillsets to assess this year Awards Finalists. Of course we also take care to ensure there are no conflicts of interest and all Judges also sign a confidentiality agreement.

This page is constantly being updated as more Judges are approved to be part of the panels. Make sure you revisit it to discover more about our Judges.

All our judges apply to judge. This commitment is vital to the credibility of awards and to ensuring a balanced and independent approach.

Judges are selected based on their experience and qualification. We aim to have large panels of independent businessmen and women, enabling us to allocate a reasonable number of entries to each judge to ensure that the evaluation is thorough.

If you are interested in applying to Judge at the Awards why not visit our “Apply to Judge” page to find out more and to see whether you would benefit from joining the Judges below.

Anas Almarie


Thomas Bosse

Head of Programmes

Dr. Pablo Izquierdo

Senior Technical Manager

Amer Zureikat

CEO & Co-Founder

Brijesh Dhruve

Chief Environment Officer

Mohammad Shadi Hamwi

CEO - Chief Architect

Ismail Al Hammadi

Managing Director

Loubna AlHaddad

Sustainability Senior Consultant

Naila Al Moosawi

Executive Human Resources Director

James Duthie

Chief Executive Officer

Maria Sillanpaa

Founding Director

Helen Sell


Mohammed Husary

UAS Co-Owner/Founder and Executive President

Tareq Khan


Walid Abdelrahman Mohamed

Operation and Maintenance Dept Manager

Mohammad Algilani

Independent Consultant, Environmental Management & Contingency Planning

Tim Crowe


Shafnas Siddiq

Management Consultant

Chimsy Chandran

Senior Sustainability Consultant

Rohitashwa Mishra


Abdulhamid Pourmohamad


Rovina Susan John Richard

Sustainability Manager

Aasim Hameed

Head Of Facilities And Property Management

Wendy King

Regional Sustainability Manager - MEAC, HSE Manager - UAE

Mohammad Abu Zahra

Associate Professor

Ghita Lebiad

Corporate Citizenship Professional

Samie Al-Achrafi


Kamal Al-Refai

Quality & Performance Division Manager

Sarah Turkistani

Head of health and community service

Asha Nathan

Director-Corporate Social Responsibility

Nellie Swanepoel

Global Director Water & Energy Management, Diversey

Lubna Hazem Sinan

Sustainability Advisor

Hanife Ymer

Director in Charge, Sustainability

Hazim Alsadek

Director of Operations, Water & Environment

Sanjay Kumar Nagra

HSE Manager

George Kotsolios

Managing Director

Juhi Yasmeen Khan

CSR & Charity Initiative Expert

Sidra Habib

Environmental Engineer & Internal Quality Auditor

Saeed Al Haddadi

Acting Contracts and Procurement Director

Noel Lambert

Head of Technical and Sustainability

Karima Hamani

Assistant Professor

Tony Arez

Director of Sales and Account Management

Anne Mathew

Sustainability Manager

Kathrin Gnilka


Khalid Abdelmoumin

Environmental Engineering & Waste Management Infrastructure Lead

Liam Leduc Clarke

Managing Director

Noman Qadir

Environment & Sustainability Specialist

Charul C Jaitly

Managing Partner

Rana Al Borno

Public Relations and CSR Manager

Ciaran Kelly

Managing Director