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Galapagos Project

Awards International has supported researcher Alice Louise Skehel, investigating how plastics impact the ocean going fishes in the iconic Galapagos Islands.

Her investigations so far have found 72% of fishes had small plastics in their stomachs, of those plastics 3/4's are microscopic fibres.

These fibre's are suspected to be from waste water from washing machines where people wash their clothes, from fibres from fisherman's ropes or from plastic that gets broken down by the sun or through high energy waves.

These plastics are not thought to be sourced in the Galapagos. Ocean modellers have found that small plastics can be carried down from North and South America demonstrating how important working together internationally really is for conservation and informing legislation!

All investigations were carried out with support from the Galapagos Conservation Trust and carried out with the permission of the Galapagos National Park, PC-44-18.