Seat Bookings

Below you will find the prices for booking seats at the Gulf Sustainability and CSR Awards. The more you book, the more you save - savings go as high as 26% when you take advantage of our early bird offer.

Unique Event Format

The Gulf Sustainability and CSR Awards is a unique event because guests can watch dozens of presentations on Day 1, followed by a memorable Awards ceremony on Day 2. In our opinion, you will have the best awards experience when you attend with your team.

Regular offer (from 28th August 2020)

Individual seat AED 1465

VIP Individual seat AED 1799


The more you book, the more you save!

5 people or more - AED 6959 (save 5%)

Table of 10 - AED 13185 (save 10%)

Table of 12 - AED 15470 (save 11%)

VIP Package

VIP Table of 10 AED 16495 (save 10%)
VIP Table of 12 AED 19355 (save 12%)


The VIP package consists of:

  • A table situated near the stage
  • Your company logo displayed on the table (A5 size)

VAT will be added to all prices at the rate of 5%. Payment terms are immediate payment.

Award Winners Packages – non awards ceremony attendees.



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