Why We’re Planting Ghaf Trees at the Awards Ceremony

At this year’s Gulf Sustainability Awards, we’re teaming up with our media partner Goumbook for a very special initiative.


During the Awards Ceremony, we’ll be planting one Ghaf Tree for each of our finalists. This symbolic act will remind our guests of the importance of environmental sustainability and long-term thinking as we celebrate their efforts to make the Gulf greener.


The Ghaf tree is the perfect choice for this gesture. As the national tree of the UAE, the Ghaf is a drought-tolerant tree, able to withstand the harsh desert environment and remain green.


It’s an essential part of Arabian culture, harvested by the Bedouin for its seeds and leaves for hundreds of years and used to feed livestock.


In recent years, the tree has been under threat from urbanisation, overgrazing and climate change, but it has received much-needed protection. It’s been illegal to cut down a Ghaf tree since 2010, and thanks to forward-thinking organisations like Goumbook, their numbers in the region are recovering.


We’re proud to be associated with Goumbook’s “Give a Ghaf” initiative, and we hope you can get involved too!


You have until June 10th to enter the Gulf Sustainability Awards – get involved now!