What makes the best workplace in the Gulf?

Today, we'll share some award-winning stories from our past Gulf Sustainability Awards. We will take you on a journey in the very best places to work, discussing what makes these 3 workplaces so unique and beneficial.

Each of the initiatives has either been a finalist or won an award in our Best Workplace and HR Practices category. To be featured in blogs like this one, see all our categories, pick the ones best you fit best and win an award!

Higher Colleges of Technology - Human Capital as a key for success

Higher Colleges of Technology strive to be at the very peak of the education hill in the Gulf region. That's why they were ready for the pandemic before it even began. Through setting a basis for a hybrid platform, they were prepared for game-changing emergencies such as COVID-19.

In just a short time span, they managed to implement:

● a full automated remote work system, a system for the off-boarding/final clearance/exit process, and a system for the annual contract renewal process.
● successful work from abroad system for overseas faculty.
● a full automated system to coordinate with the health and safety team to have a live dashboard for Covid-19 tests results and vaccination status by integrating with health authority systems and the AlHoson application.
● Digitization of all official letters.
● a Performance Management System (In-house application).
● My HCT Documents paperless archive.

HCT sees sustainability, innovation and talent pursuit as vital. So, through continual dedication and hard work, their Human Capital managed to come up with a series of innovations amid the pandemic. Each of these aimed to benefit the workplace environment and help them transform smoothly:

The EXCEED program is the first in HCT's history to evaluate leadership,technical, and overall talents and competencies. Identifying training needs in a specific manner for each employee separately and linking it to the training and development system to enhance the internal talents and competencies at HCT.
The SANAD program provides practical experience to graduates with an annual budget of 10 M AED to increase Emiratization percentage in colleges by supplying them with qualified alumni.
The HADEF program qualifies Emirati faculty and provides them with the necessary graduate certificates as a requirement for teaching, supporting them through scholarships and employment contracts.
C3 Academy, which resulted in drastically saving training budgets and enabling completely remote work to talents that work in the colleges, the first of its kind in the country

With such a great span of fascinating innovations and readiness to adapt to change, it's no wonder our panel of judges granted them the Gold Award in our Best Workplace and HR Practices category.

Bupa Arabia's Shield for their people

Bupa Arabia treats all of their people in a respectful and consistent manner. When Covid-19 started, demand for their healthcare services grew rapidly. To ensure the ongoing well-being and safety of our employees, Bupa Arabia quickly implemented a series of dedicated HR and CSR programs to help their workers cope with the exceptional circumstances and new working practices imposed by the pandemic.

That's where Project “Shield” came to power: a dedicated task force Bupa Arabia put in place as part of its Covid-19 crisis management planning, with a clear reporting and decision-making structure. Shield ensures the evolving crisis management framework used to monitor and progress their operations, making HR one of the 4 focus points.

Listening to their employees helped them reach vital insights and deep understanding of potential issues that need to be addressed in pursuit of better HR services. Thanks to the Project Shield, they achieved:

Business Continuity: By purchasing 650 laptops to cater to 98% of the staff working from home, Bupa Arabia ensured their employees remained engaged, informed and safe. The second step was developing the new "HOM" (Home, Office, Mixed) operating model.
● Employee Health & Wellbeing: They focused on providing regular communications, advice and information to support a healthy lifestyle, best working from home practices, mental health and self-care advice.
● Increase Performance Energy: Performance Energy is a program by Bupa Global that focuses on physical and psychological wellbeing, aiming to create a balanced lifestyle;
Preventive Care: a program centred on preventing illnesses and identifying health problems at the earliest. The wellness program and various other in-house initiatives have helped mark an increase in workforce productivity and a high level of satisfaction among our employees.

Bupa Arabia's Project "Shield" made a great impression with our judges, helping them win the Silver Award in our Best Workplace and HR Practices category.

Jinko's people's Global Commercial Growth

Jinko’s "Global Commercial Growth " (GCG) program was designed to provide new employees with rotational trainings in three different departments over the course of two years. Each department had a designated tutor who was guiding employees towards a global understanding of the team objectives and complete independence in completing their assignments.

After two years of training, employees' personal skills and the teams’ leaders evaluation, the employees were then diverted to the position that suits them the most. Jinko's HR team regularly handed questionnaires to the employees to have their feedback on the professional development of the staff. The questionnaires had shown that a considerable number of employees pointed out the need for a better understanding of the work carried out by the different departments of our company.

GCG initiative was a successful training program because it provided an in-depth understanding of the job. It carried the new trainees with direct experience through various tasks conducted by the company's departments.thorough exploration of one's talents. It is an innovative approach that enables the participants to explore their skills fully and capacities before picking the best spot for them. It also encompassess workers to fully understand their company and industry, with a helpful e-learning platform filled with materials available on demand.

Jinko managed to win the affections of our judges, making it to the very finals of the Best Workplace and HR Practices category.

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