Sustainability - the Necessity of the Future

We could argue that the world we live in now has reached a point of financial and social stability. If we compare the present-day world with that from over 100 years ago, it isn't hard to pinpoint a lot of areas in which we've generally improved.


However, everything comes with a cost. In the past few decades, our planet's health has been sacrificed for our personal comfort. The worrisome signals were there all along, but too often, with our focus somewhere else, we failed to see the bigger picture.


Across the world, urges from activists, governments and corporations to tackle our ecological issues show that where there's smoke, there's also fire. We're at a point where these issues can no longer be ignored.


Probably for the first time ever, the world’s biggest fund managers have openly announced how they plan to vote in annual shareholder meetings. In 2021, shareholders proposed 169 environmental and social motions, with average support of almost 34% of shareholders. In 2020, there were 173 resolutions filed that had less than 29% support on average.


“People want public companies to do more on climate and do way more to help dismantle systemic racism,” according to Jon Hale, global head of sustainable investing research at Morningstar Inc. “In effect, they’re saying to companies: We want you to care not only about profits, but about people, planet and profits.”

What can YOU do?

Apart from the recognition of your eco-friendly business approach, here at the Gulf Sustainability Awards, we'd also like to offer 3 quick tips about improving your sustainability. Here they are!

1. Promote remote working

One of the biggest environmental issues in the fossil fuel industry. Enabling your workers to work from home can reduce hazardous emissions. It also reduces the use of non-renewable electricity.



2. Introduce reusable bags

Invest in giving your employees. They may come at a cost, but you can put your company's logo on them and improve your brand image in the process. This is a great way of reducing plastic waste.



3. Reward using bicycles for commuting

Introduce a program to keep track of people who choose to cycle to work instead of driving. You can offer financial incentives or promote their efforts in another suitable way. This will improve your workers' health and help the planet.



We're looking forward to providing recognition for your achievements at our Gulf Sustainability Awards 2021. Let's help each other by helping the planet heal together!