Sustainability for the Restoration of the Ecosystem

On June 5th, we celebrated the World Environment Day. This is a great opportunity to look back on what we can do as individuals, as well as businesses, to protect our ecosystems and natural assets. This year's theme is "ecosystem restoration”. It focuses on restoring our relationship with nature.


As our awareness grows, so does the number of businesses whose focus is on sustainability. The Gulf region is no exception. The problems dealing with ecosystem restoration and biodiversity have received significant attention in Gulf cooperation countries. The UAE's efforts are reflected in its significant achievements in this area, from enacting policies and legislation to implementation and monitoring.


Here at Gulf Sustainability Awards, we are happy to promote some good examples of healthy business practices. That's why we would like to mention a couple of successful initiatives from last year that we've awarded for their contribution in this field.

1. Splash – Sustainability is trending

Last year's winner of the Sustainable Business category has been setting fashion standards for three decades now. But unlike most of their competitors, their innovations in the retail field are focused on helping the environment.


This company has been using solar power to generate most of their electricity, taking care of preserving water as much as possible and investing in energy efficient technologies. Still, Splash created a wave of admiration when they showcased their aim to strive for 100% sustainable product offering. By the end of 2020, they managed to get more than 80% of their products manufactured using sustainable materials. This will definitely decrease the brand's carbon footprint.



2. Twofour54's Creative Lab Team

twofour54 Creative Lab Team represents a key player in developing and empowering the youth in the region's media, thus contributing to the long-term growth and sustainability of the media industry.


They have created a virtual community platform, and provided a collaborative space for the community members. The company has also organised a number of year-round workshops and trainings which resulted in offering many internship and placement opportunities, particularly targeting and motivating the youth.


Their efforts were not ignored, as they won the award for CSR and Sustainability Team of the Year category.



3. Madar Farms’ Environmental Teaching

Sustainable Futures is a project by Madar Farms which brought them our Learning and Education Programs category award. SF used food as a universal springboard to explore a broad range of topics across the sustainability agenda. Through this project, the company enabled children in schools to learn about growing crops and environmental issues in practice.


The company managed to provide free education in selected UAE private schools, teaching the children how to grow plants. It also helped the teachers incorporate more sustainability education into existing learning objectives.



There's no time like now to start doing our own share in changing the world for the better. We applaud our last year's winners and invite you to showcase your own contributions to development of sustainable business models. Get the recognition for your success, apply for the GSA21 before the deadline, June 10th.