RAK Is Investing $136 Million in Sustainable Tourism: Where Would You Go?

Only a few days ago, Ras Al Khaimah Tourism Development Authority has announced an enormous $136 million investment into sustainable tourism across the Emirate.


Holidaymakers seeking to preserve the planet while having a great time can choose from the over 20 new projects RAK has announced, which look to take full advantage of the emirate’s natural topography – with the sea, desert and mountains taking centre stage.


The announced projects are deeply rooted in sustainability and take full advantage of eco-principled standards and processes and sustainable building techniques.


We are sharing the best ones with you today!



Jais Wings


This destination offers paragliding experiences from the top of Jebel Jais, with landing pads near Saraya Islands and Al Rams. As the first dedicated paragliding site in the GCC, this is sure to provide a thrill for those who look to the skies.




Jais Yard


Once you’ve touched down from your paragliding, you might want to check out the delicious food and beverages on offer at Jais Yard. In addition to food trailers, kiosks, retail containers and vintage truck restaurants, this site will have an open-air cinema and children’s play area.



Scallop Ranch at Al Hamra Marine


This resort is fun for the whole family, with oyster and scallop diving, live cooking, family experiences and cultural activities. Another first in the UAE, Scallop Ranch will educate guests on the importance of understanding the marine ecosystem, with seagrass and sea cucumber species within the farm!




Flying Arch at Manar Mall


A structure made up of 1.5 million knots and 300 km of twine, the Flying Arch will stand 130 metres from the ground: as it blows in the wind, viewers will be mesmerised by its constantly shifting colours.



Highlander Hiking Experience


In December 2021, RAK is proud to host Highlander, the world’s only internationally certified hiking association, for its series of curated hiking tours. Explore the beauty of the surrounding area with the best in the business!



These projects show RAK’s commitment to creating extraordinary and sustainable tourist experiences: we hope you take advantage of these opportunities. And of course, if you’re working hard to make your organisation more sustainable, we’d love you to share your story!


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