How to Become a Finalist in the Green Building Category?

The entry phase has closed, and the finalists have been announced. But why have they been chosen? What gives the needed quality to their entries that helped them get to the finals? 

This blog will offer you valuable insight into our finalists from the Green Building category and try to explain what you should focus on when applying for our awards.  

Majid AL Futtaim Hotels

One of the pioneers in Gulf business sustainability secured its spot in the finals of the Green Building category thanks to the thorough elaboration of their initiative. Some of their buildings already have the platinum LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design), but they plan on having all their hotels getting LEED certified. 

They consolidated their cooling resources. Since their hotels are close to one another, a centralised cooling plant was developed using the latest green technology. 

They introduced new heat pump technology to heat water in their hotels. It maintained the same performance as the previously used gas-fired boilers but offers a drastic reduction in carbon footprint.  

10 of their hotels are scored platinum LEED at 80-88 points, with 2 having 88 points. There is no other hotel in the world that has got LEED certification under the latest version LEED EBOM v.4.1 

Sharjah Sustainable City 

The project presents a working model on how cities of the future will look with a focus on the three pillars of sustainability: social, economic, and environmental.  

The configuration comes with a net-zero approach to community planning, the city being 100% solar-powered, recycling 100% of water and waste, while cultivating vegetables and leafy greens on-site. It is designed to encourage walking and the use of clean mobility, and allows residents to save up to 50% on electricity and water bills. 

Following the UAE sustainability goals, this project is the first fully sustainable residential development adjusted to the global movement to be 'climate positive'. So not only does it plan to reduce carbon emissions, but it also aims to impact the environment through green energy production.  

How will this be achieved? 


FARNEK village, the 500,000 square feet facility, has set new standards for intelligent buildings by employing the latest innovative technology and the most energy, water and waste-efficient staff accommodation in the UAE. 

Alsafwa Cement Company 

Alsafwa is the first national cement company to obtain the necessary environmental licenses to process and recycle wastes used as alternative fuels and raw materials, paving a road for others to follow. They inspired other waste producers from different regions of Saudi Arabia to seek collaborations and partnerships to dispose of and recycle their wastes instead of landfilling them. 

During the course of the initiative, Alsafwa has noticeably reduced landfill spaces and recycled hazardous wastes. It is expected that the tire landfill at Jeddah municipality will be completely empty by the year 2025. 

Furthermore, Alsafwa replaced 100% of the natural gypsum used in cement production with synthetic or recycled gypsum, forming a sustainable lifecycle. The company also profited from the creation of premium green cement products such as the Precasto, which differentiated it from its competitors within the market. 

Recognition Requires Effort

Here at Gulf Sustainability Awards, we are filled with joy to spread the word of healthy, green initiatives that will immediately improve the lives of all living beings on the planet.  

These are just some of the companies in the field that lead by example. If you want to truly see how they operate, meet the people behind the deeds and form new connections - our Gulf Sustainability Awards '21 is the event for you. To symbolise our intention of being the seed of the necessary change, we will plan Ghaf trees. Let's do it together!  

The ceremony will be held on 20th September at Jumeirah Creek Hotel in Dubai. Book now and get a discount on the standard prices in our Early Bird Booking phase