Gulf Sustainability Awards Announce New Sponsorship Deal with GreenParking

Gulf Sustainability Awards are happy to report that we have got a new GREEN sponsor: GreenParking, a leader in providing eco-friendly business solutions.


Sam Alawiye, CEO of GreenParking says:


“We’re proud to be participating in the Gulf Sustainability Awards - it’s an initiative that's close to our hearts, both as a team and a business. We believe that in order to promote positive change, we have to provide solutions that are easy to manage, accessible, and super user friendly. At GreenParking, we’ve gone to great lengths to create and offer systems and solutions that are sustainable, green, and eco friendly, without compromising on convenience or quality.


It used to be difficult for electric vehicle drivers to find charging stations in the UAE - but we’ve helped change that. We’ve installed over 600 electric vehicle chargers across the UAE, and our groundbreaking EV Network has created a superhighway that allows EV drivers to travel across the Emirates and into Oman. It’s the first cross border network in the region, and a significant step in promoting a greener future for all.


And it doesn't stop there. Our parking systems are designed to be as green as possible, with solutions like ticketless parking, cashless payments, and energy efficient equipment being the standard. We’ve always been committed to helping the region go green, so it’s an honor to be recognized by the Gulf Sustainability Awards as a business that is dedicated to changing the sustainability landscape in the UAE.”


We have been promoting eco-friendly solutions and improvements in the Gulf region for five years now. As a company that focuses on sustainable business models, we're very excited to be able to combine our resources in coming up with a brighter future for our planet.


Our Regional Manager, Aleksandar Ilic, is delighted with the new partnership, saying: "We believe that GreenParking is a wonderful example of a company which has been looking at the future since day one. They have made a huge impact in the field with their sustainable business approach and we're looking forward to laying the path for sustainable businesses"


We are grateful for their contribution in helping us organise the awards and proud to have a green sponsor like them on our side.


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